29 Oct 2010

Yay Swedes managed to make me happy

So living in Sweden isn't awesome but hey it's alright I suppose. I mean most of their food is pretty shit, kroppkakor is pretty disgusting, eating more potatoes than meat is pretty weird too in my opinion. And well lingon berries... not my cup of tea. But they did manage to make me happy now with their so called Höstlov, which is a school holiday starting on Monday, meaning I'll have no school from when I quit school today at 11:50 A.M. till 09:55 on Monday the 8th of November. Pretty awesome isn't it? Well it's sure as fuck something I need as school is gay as fuck, I do hate just about every single moment of it, and god I'm drowning in work and have fallen miles behind. Got a couple of papers that were due some time ago and still haven't finished, got some papers due after the holiday which I've hardly started yet as I've been focusing, or trying to, on those that I've been meant to have turned in already. I'm going to try to do some studying during the holiday and at least try to finish what I should have turned in already but haven't done yet.

Today, besides quitting school early, I've been helping my cousin moving. I'm glad that I can be at some use even if it isn't much I can do. Helped him carrying a sofa and beds and shit like that between apartments.

Now what else have I done lately? I've done a shit load of doing nothing as usual... oh dear this blog post has just gone down hill from the first line. I really need to think fast to save this post from being a complete disaster!

Oh I know, I'm gonna save both this blog post and my evening with the same thing really.
I'm going to recommend this really funny film to you lot which I think I'm going to watch for the 192448248245th time tonight.
The movie is called Detroit Rock City and is obviously made around KISS. It's about these 4 dudes who travel to Detroit to see KISS live. Fucking hilarious with a lot of funny scenes in it.
My favorite quote: Jam: "It's a teenage girl walking along the side of the highway. I mean, they, they, they make scary movies that start out like that."
Trip: "Hey, but, but they make porno movies that start out like that too, man."
What a movie! Fucking awesome! 
Trailer below for those who haven't seen it yet and still need motivation to buy/borrow/download it and watch.

Rock on dudes and dudettes!