25 Oct 2010


Oh my, oh my what a day tomorrow will be!
First of all the bitch and her kids, which I was bitching about in ma last post are leaving tomorrow morning. Which calls for celebration, oh wait no I don't have time for that as tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock Sweden Rock Festival will announce one of the headliners for next years festival and well they'll start releasing tickets too but unfortunately I can't afford the tickets quite yet.

But oh my oh my I'm so excited. I'm hoping for Mötley Crüe most of all bands to be honest!
Oh I can't wait till next year's Sweden Rock Festival starts. Since I started going to Sweden Rock there's been like 1 week a year which I absolutely love! 1 out of 52, the other 51 consist of waiting for Sweden Rock or being thrilled after a great festival :)

I've only attended 2 festival so far, and well I've loved both of them, and well I can't wait for the next one.
Being with lots of people who are just like me or at least people who I either like or will like after a little while, most of them not all of course is just fantastic. I'd live there if I could to be honest.

I do hope they get the Icelandic metal band Sólstafir this year, as they kick ass! Their album Köld is a fucking masterpiece! It's an album everyone should buy and listen to a lot!

My top 3 Sólstafir songs:
Until next time, rock on!

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