20 Oct 2010


Hi there and welcome to my blog!

You have probably noticed it's new since there is well nothing on here yet, well nothing but this post.

I guess I should start by introducing myself to you lot, or well as much as I feel comfortable with, as I like to be anonymous. I am nobody really, you can call me John or Frank or Eric or whatever really I do not care, as I am nobody. I'm 18 year old and have failed at just about everything I've tried to succeed at in my life so far. I'm alone but not lonely. While most 18 year olds go out and party on weekends I sit at home alone and well listen to music since I do not belong with any particular group of people. I'm too proud to sit and whine with the emo's, I'm not beautiful or popular enough to hang with the cool kids, I'm not in good enough shape to hang with the jocks. I don't even belong with nerds as I suck at school, and I do not own a decent computer to run and play the popular computer games, fuck my computer doesn't even have Word on it, lags while running really old games even.
I guess there is one group I'd belong in, the rockers, but unfortunately the rock scene is pretty dead where I live, so basically I'm all alone. I'm a one man army doomed to fail.

In the past 3 years I've failed 2 schools, quit 1, and have fallen behind in the one I'm trying to do finish at the moment. I've also quit 2 jobs, one because I was able to get the other job which was better payed and I thought I'd get more hours in, but well guess what I was wrong and I made the millionth wrong decision in my life. The second job I quit when I moved to another country to try to go through school.

Most likely this blog will fail just like everything I've ever tried to do before. But if you won't give up on me, dear readers (if there are any that is) I won't give up on you. I'll do my best at keeping you entertained as well as sharing fun things that have happened to me (unfortunately there's not much of that happening). And well I suppose if you dig music you might like this blog as music is well what has kept me alive since my era of failing started like when I was 4 or something.

I tried learning the guitar once but after a year or so with no progression at all I decided to try the bass which I've made a little progression with but am still a beginner, but I don't care I love slapping my bass, getting my anger out on it just playing some random tunes. Unfortunately I had to leave my bass behind, when I moved and can't afford a new bass guitar.

I guess I should stop now so you wont just look at this as walls of text and give up on me before you've read the first to lines!

And now before I go, here's a great song by The Clash, fucking awesome and well what can I say. Well enjoy

Take care folks

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