21 Oct 2010


Arrgh got 1 project due tomorrow + I need to read 50 pages in some shitty book about things that happened like over 500 years ago...

Of course I didn't wake up early enough to finish the project I was on about yesterday. I'm really thinking about just fucking that project already 2 weeks late now, no point anymore is there?

The other one went fine however, was meant to compare the film Flags of our Fathers with the real events of Iwo Jima, I think it went ok at least. The teacher didn't say I was a complete failure at least lol

Oh well I think I'm gonna get started reading then... but really cant be arsed to...

This being something that's happening like during the Viking era, which is cool, but it's written in terribly old and complicated language. But ye this being from the Viking era, I guess I should listen to some proper viking metal while reading :)

Just put this great album on, Twilight of the Thunder God, saw Amon Amarth live last year, fucking amazing they were!

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