20 Oct 2010


Last 3 days or so I've been sick, what is wrong with me I don't know. Stomach ache on Monday followed by migraine yesterday and today. I feel a lot better now than earlier today or yesterday, but still I got some headache and my face is very pale or just gray, but not as gray as it has been last couple of days.

I've spent today in bed with The Doors playing and well a little bit of The Clash too, no matter how much headache or sick I am I always keep some music on if I possibly can.
Yesterday I went to school sick as a dog, but today I decided to fuck it. I did however do a little bit of homework earlier and plan to do a little more this evening, but we'll see what happens.

After taking a painkiller, a shower, getting dressed and eating I decided to shoot some pool, alone of course since I do not have anyone to talk to or do things with, I only have you lot to share my life with really.

I was thinking to myself the other night to fill my car up on gasoline with all the money I don't own as my bank card is in minus at the moment, and just drive away. Where to I don't know, just far far away from here. Hopefully to some place where I could start over, but then I realized that I most likely couldn't start over that easily. I'd love to start over somewhere elsewhere though.

For the last couple of months I've been counting down to a Sabaton concert I'll be attending, now it's just about 5 weeks left until I'll be screaming my ass off at a concert with Sabaton, Alestorm and Steelwing.
I've seen Sabaton twice before, though one time they only played like 2 songs but kicked ass of course, Alestorm I've seen once before too, they were awesome. Steelwing I've never seen before though, and well I got my hopes up for them as they sound fucking awesome, they sound like Iron Maiden meets Judas Priest, a killer combo if you ask me.

My top 5 songs with each band:
  1. Ghost Division
  2. Cliffs of Gallipoli
  3. Primo Victoria
  4. Metal Machine
  5. 40:1
  1. Captain Morgan's Revenge
  2. Wolves of the Sea
  3. Keelhauled
  4. Heavy Metal Pirates
  5. Nancy the Tavern Wench

  1. Roadkill (or be killed)
  2. Headhunter
  3. The Illusion
  4. Under the Scavenging Sun
  5. Sentinel Hill
Note that the names of the songs are links to them on YouTube, Steelwing was pretty hard to decide like which are my fave after the first 2 songs since they've only released one album so far, one awesome album.

Well rock on dudes! Hope you enjoy these songs!


  1. you swedish guys are really into heavy metal, arent u? :D

  2. Well I'm not Swedish, I just live there. But heavy metal is the shit!
    And I must say that I do dig the amount of Swedish metal bands around, where I'm from there's just about 2 decent metal bands and the rest of the bands are all either shite pop bands or some disgusting techno.

    \m/ Death to all but Metal \m/