21 Oct 2010

Sleeping time

I suppose it's time for me to call it a night. Was going to finish at least the projects I had due last week but only did one of them :/
Might try to wake up early and finish the other one though I'm quite sure that won't happen but hopefully I'll wake up early and in a good mood.
Well I was going to be already sleeping at this time, I've been trying not to go to sleep later than 12 o'clock and well been failing a little bit on that as I'm not disciplined enough I guess. I always say to myself just another 2 minutes, and end up being awake much longer than I was going to, just like tonight for example. Meant to go to sleep almost an hour ago.

Oh well.
Going to fall to sleep now to the amazing sound of The Clash. I tend to like live better than studio therefor I'm putting The Clash's live album Live at the Shea Stadium on.

For those of you who own the record, put it on, for those of you who have Spotify put it on (the name is a link to it on Spotify), those of you have borrowed it from PirateBay or something like that, listen to it and go to the store tomorrow and buy it.

Good night folks

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