24 Nov 2010

Sabaton on Friday!

Fucking hell I'm absolutely thrilled that it's so close to Sabaton's concert!
If it wasn't for that I'd probably have given up by now... oh wait I do every fucking day.

Now before I go further I'd like to excuse the lack of blogging, in case anyone noticed I was gone! I'll try to not skip it as much as I've been doing!

Last week or so I've been really tired of life... or well longer than the last week but especially the last week. I've been waking up in the mornings thinking of reasons to bother getting out of bed. This is where school comes in... most kids my age are all on about school, getting stressed if the workload is too heavy or if they've got a lot of tests etc. While I prefer to stay the fuck away from school as I hate every single minute of it.
My week kinda looks like this:
Sunday: can't be arsed getting out of bed until 2 or 3 o'clock, bored to death, refresh Facebook a million times, watch the same movie I watched last week, maybe take a look at my homework and make up reasons why I haven't done it. Then go to sleep, usually takes ages to fall a sleep though, both on weekends and weekdays.
Monday: Hate it. Worst day of the week, got more classes in that day than any other day of the week. Thankfully though I've got one cool teacher and he's teaching the class that is first in the morning, and he usually allows us to study at home at Monday mornings. This means that I sleep and feel guilty for taking advantage of his trust... or sometimes I feel guilt sometimes I feel nothing.
Tuesday: Nothing destroys ones day as well as having 1 class before lunch and that class being Italian at 8 o'clock in the morning while your next class doesn't start until after lunch... Needless to say I miss that class a lot. The other 3 classes I got are pretty shit too, but then again Italian is easily the worst! Then once school's over and I've spent hours killing time at home I got my rugby training! One of the few things each week I like.
Wednesday: Religion and Italian in the same day? Fucking hell I hate this shit... I got the cool teacher in first class of Wednesdays though, starts at 10 o'clock, he's usually a minute or 2 late and allows us to go a bit early usually. But still makes us do a lot of shit at home... which I happen to forget doing a lot unfortunately... since I like some of the projects.(I got him in Social Studies on Wednesdays and Thursdays and then History on Mondays and Thursdays)
Thursday: Probably the top of the week... or well except the classes before lunch... Religion and English. But then I got history and social studies with the cool teacher after lunch. And then in the evening I got my rugby training.
Friday: Start at 8 o'clock, have my favorite class, Tourism, at 8 o'clock, yawn my head off. And then kill my mentor a million times in the next 2 classes of the day where I have that cunt. But quitting for the weekend at 12 o'clock is pretty nice!
I usually also go to the rugby club and see if anyone is there and if there's stuff to do be done or something.
Saturday: I do the same as on Sundays but ain't as depressed and don't check for homework or make up excuses. I do also help out at the rugby club if needed but that's not too often.

Well that's my week... pretty shit. Oh I forgot fill in all the spaces from when I get up till I go to sleep with "hating my life".

I think I wrote it in a earlier post that I had been thinking a lot about suicides lately?

Well it kinda shocked me the other night when I saw myself blow my brains out with a shotgun in a dream of course, otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen myself doing it and I'd not be writing this right now if I had.
So I've been spending some time now thinking about dreams, and what they mean. And well I've come to the conclusion that I really ought to go and see a psychologist or some kind of head doctor as I'm growing insane it feels like and it's not the kind of insanity where you enjoy it but you hate every single second of it.
I'll see if I'll be able to grow me a pair and pick up the phone and order a time at some doctor!

And now... Sabaton!

The concert I'm going to was reported to be sold out the other night on Sabaton's website, which is cool. I'm really looking forward to it, got my beer and everything ready!
What a shame it has started to snow though which might mean that I can't be arsed to walk home from the concert, and the question is if I can afford a taxi ride home afterwards... or if I'll have to stay sober until after I get home. Well I'm just gonna hope for the best!

Well I've been just talking on and on about some random shit that none of you cares about so I'm gonna stop writing now!
Thanks all for taking your time to read this crap!
I'll try to get myself together and post again soon!

12 Nov 2010


Awesome Friday's here with all that comes with it, the weekend!
Not as awesome, having a English test which I wasn't prepared for this morning but hey after writing through it at insane speed, with my pencil smoking I threw my books into my locker and went home! Celebrating the weekend... and then I remember I currently own nothing to spend on drinks or anything like that this weekend. Not to mention that I've got to spend my weekend at my granddads house.
I'm thinking about going to meet some of the rugby guys tonight though and see if something fun is happening even if I have to be able to get myself sober home to my granddad, and that without using a taxi since I can't afford one!

I guess I'll just sit at my granddads house most of the weekend then playing Football Manager, and refreshing my Facebook a million times while seeing nothing changing between refreshes.

On Monday morning I'll have to be at school at 8 o'clock (I usually start at 10 o'clock on Monday mornings) since some guys from Nordic Battle Group will be coming in and talking about something I guess. Not that I have any interest in joining any military, well except if my nation, Iceland that is had one. And Iceland doesn't have one, and if we did have one we'd never need it anyways. I ain't fucking joining some European nations military just to then be shipped off to Iraq or somewhere else to fight in a war that really doesn't concern me or the majority of the nations which are shipping their troops to there!

I also found out yesterday that instead of having 2 rugby trainings next week, I'll only have one and that with both mine and another club at the other clubs home field with grass inside and everything! Not to mention after like a 1 hour of training we'll have a training match as well, hopefully full teams if there are enough dudes that will show up, but if not it will be 7-a-side. Not that I care really, I just want to play!

10 Nov 2010

Feeling down

Haven't blogged for a while now, just haven't felt like it I guess. Thinking nobody reads this crap or something, well then I got an e-mail about a comment on my latest post, pointing out that I haven't posted in a while.
Well that got me to think that people are still reading therefor I've been going to make a new blog post but haven't found the right moment for it, and well now isn't the right moment either I guess.

What do I have to blog about? Absolutely nothing it feels like. I've been feeling a bit down lately, the past 10 years or so, no but really lately I haven't felt much if anything to be honest. Even earlier tonight at my rugby training I felt nothing, it didn't feel as good to train tonight as it is. And yet it was a killer training we were a lot of people and a lot of joy and sweat was at tonights training, but still I felt nothing.

Today I called in sick... or no actually I didn't even bother calling in sick. I wasn't really sick though, I just had a little bit of headache. What did I do, I lied in my bed staring at the wall. And it came to my mind that there was really just one place that I really like to be at, and that is in my bed alone, well I wouldn't mind some company to be honest but it hasn't really been looking like I'll be getting any the next 500000000000 years or so.

I actually went to the doctor's the other day about something, and she asked me how I felt, which I was pretty sure she would and I had decided in beforehand to say that I was feeling shit and have been for some years now. Well what do I do? Of course I tell her that I'm doing all right, and that I like school... I fucking hate school, only thing I hate more than school is the teachers. So saying this the doctor didn't pick up on my signals, as much as I want to complain to someone in real life, eye to eye, I just don't seem to be able to get myself to do it.
I really want to talk to a psychiatrist or whatever, just someone to talk to, doesn't even need to be a professional. Just someone I can trust and talk to about whatever it is that is bothering me and help me fix it.

I envy depressed people who have the courage to take the step to go and talk to a doctor or whatever. And I really envy those who have the friends and/or family that pick up on their signals and give them some help by either talking to them about things and/or helping them going to a doctor.

Now I don't want to sound more fucked up than I already am, and don't want to let anyone get the wrong ideas. I'm depressed but don't have the balls to do anything about it, I'm not far down enough to go and take my life. Even if the idea it self of fixing all my problems has come up occasionally in my mind, though I do not want to do that to my few friends or family that might actually care. And besides I do not want to be dead in a church graveyard or get some religious burial and well I think that's most likely the only option for those who die today, at least in the western world, especially where I live.

Well I do hope I'll be in a better mood next time and have something more enjoyable to blog about!

3 Nov 2010

Music as torture!

So I just finished watching a really interesting documentary about how music can and has been used as torture. A Swedish documentary called Musik som gör ont, was showed on SVT2 earlier tonight, or on SVT Play right here http://svtplay.se/v/2207565/k_special/musik_som_gor_ont Unfortunately it doesn't have subtitles for when they speak Swedish but a lot of it is in English so I say watch it anyways. And for Swedes, you should definitely watch it. As I said really interesting documentary about how something as beautiful(in most cases at least) can be used as torture. I mean they were talking about some beautiful classical songs that had been used as torture, and songs like Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, which is also a killer song.
To me or you that hasn't experienced this music torture, this might sound quite silly but I'm completely sure that if someone would play any song, no matter what song it would be for 24-48 hours non-stop at a really loud volume... I'd probably stop listening to that song for a while, and even maybe just go insane. Not to mention if that song would be that meow mix they had in that show, I mean one or 2 plays of that 30 second commercial song is enough to make you sick of it.

I must say though that when some dude on TV was talking about the show, presenting it, it sure did make me laugh when he said that the music of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears was used as torture.

Oh well now I've recommended that really cool and interesting documentary I'm off to other things.

Today is my second day of this week of no school. So far I've done nothing, I plan on doing pretty much nothing if I can, well except rugby trainings and maybe at least install MS Word so I can start doing some of the school papers that are due already.
Oh yeah and I went to the doctor's today, about my headaches and shit, which I think might be depression maybe, but hey what do I know and I ain't fucking telling the doctor that I hate my school and pretty much all of my life for that matter, so I just told here I was fine and well I guess this was another useless visit where I'll get an appointment later(next Thursday) and they'll run some tests without finding shit. Which I understand as I believe without having the guts to tell my doctor so, that everything, or well at least most of the things that are wrong with me aren't physical but mental. But I don't know.

And now off to another thing Sweden Rock Festival has confirmed a couple of more bands now, so Ozzy shouldn't feel lonely on the festival lineup anymore :)
Saxon, Jason and the Schorchers, Agent Steel and Fläsket Brinner has been confirmed now. Can't say I listen much to any of those bands, and well out of those I must admit the only one I can recall ever being mentioned before is Saxon. And I must say it will be pretty cool hearing Wheels of Steel and 747 (Strangers in the night) and well I suppose I better get listening to them now before the summer comes with the festival so I know what I'm banging my head too.
Also I read that tomorrow Sweden Rock will announce 4 more artists/bands for next years festival. Something more to look forward too. Oh I can't wait till Sweden Rock Festival comes!

Until next time keep those heads banging!

29 Oct 2010

Yay Swedes managed to make me happy

So living in Sweden isn't awesome but hey it's alright I suppose. I mean most of their food is pretty shit, kroppkakor is pretty disgusting, eating more potatoes than meat is pretty weird too in my opinion. And well lingon berries... not my cup of tea. But they did manage to make me happy now with their so called Höstlov, which is a school holiday starting on Monday, meaning I'll have no school from when I quit school today at 11:50 A.M. till 09:55 on Monday the 8th of November. Pretty awesome isn't it? Well it's sure as fuck something I need as school is gay as fuck, I do hate just about every single moment of it, and god I'm drowning in work and have fallen miles behind. Got a couple of papers that were due some time ago and still haven't finished, got some papers due after the holiday which I've hardly started yet as I've been focusing, or trying to, on those that I've been meant to have turned in already. I'm going to try to do some studying during the holiday and at least try to finish what I should have turned in already but haven't done yet.

Today, besides quitting school early, I've been helping my cousin moving. I'm glad that I can be at some use even if it isn't much I can do. Helped him carrying a sofa and beds and shit like that between apartments.

Now what else have I done lately? I've done a shit load of doing nothing as usual... oh dear this blog post has just gone down hill from the first line. I really need to think fast to save this post from being a complete disaster!

Oh I know, I'm gonna save both this blog post and my evening with the same thing really.
I'm going to recommend this really funny film to you lot which I think I'm going to watch for the 192448248245th time tonight.
The movie is called Detroit Rock City and is obviously made around KISS. It's about these 4 dudes who travel to Detroit to see KISS live. Fucking hilarious with a lot of funny scenes in it.
My favorite quote: Jam: "It's a teenage girl walking along the side of the highway. I mean, they, they, they make scary movies that start out like that."
Trip: "Hey, but, but they make porno movies that start out like that too, man."
What a movie! Fucking awesome! 
Trailer below for those who haven't seen it yet and still need motivation to buy/borrow/download it and watch.

Rock on dudes and dudettes!

26 Oct 2010

Ozzy fucking Osbourne

Yesterday was just about the best day I've had since this summer's Sweden Rock.
It all started out with me waking up and checking the Sweden Rock Festival's website to see what headliner they'd released... and well I guess the title is spoiling it a bit for you readers, in case you didn't know already. Yeah that's it The Prince of Darkness is coming to Sweden Rock 2011! How awesome is that?
If I had the money for tickets at the moment I had bought tickets yesterday, but well I'll have to wait until I get some money. I'll live on air just to make it happen faster :)

And well after finding this out I went to school, I already knew my last class of the day was going to be cancelled as the teacher that teaches that class is away somewhere. But to my surprise I found out a class which I was going to skip actually, the class which would have been my last class since the last one had been cancelled was also cancelled. So 2 of my 4 classes yesterday were cancelled. Fucking awesome if you ask me.

Then I got home and met a mate of mine which I haven't seen in like at least a year, we both moved away from the place we both live in now, a year back or so. I moved to one place and he to another. And well now we've both moved back as things didn't work out for us as they were meant to do in the places we moved to.
So we hung out, had fun and stuff. We played some billiard and well then we went for a delicious kebab pizza, oh my the kebab pizza was so fucking good... It was like a orgasm in my stomach it was so good!

Now back to Ozzy :)
Since Ozzy was the one who got his name confirmed for Sweden Rock 2011 I'm gonna put up my top 5 songs with Ozzy :)

Ozzy Osbourne top 5:

Now that list might change in my head as soon as I click Publish, what can I say he's a great artist and got a lot of great albums with great songs on them.
    Until next time keep rockin!

    25 Oct 2010


    Oh my, oh my what a day tomorrow will be!
    First of all the bitch and her kids, which I was bitching about in ma last post are leaving tomorrow morning. Which calls for celebration, oh wait no I don't have time for that as tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock Sweden Rock Festival will announce one of the headliners for next years festival and well they'll start releasing tickets too but unfortunately I can't afford the tickets quite yet.

    But oh my oh my I'm so excited. I'm hoping for Mötley Crüe most of all bands to be honest!
    Oh I can't wait till next year's Sweden Rock Festival starts. Since I started going to Sweden Rock there's been like 1 week a year which I absolutely love! 1 out of 52, the other 51 consist of waiting for Sweden Rock or being thrilled after a great festival :)

    I've only attended 2 festival so far, and well I've loved both of them, and well I can't wait for the next one.
    Being with lots of people who are just like me or at least people who I either like or will like after a little while, most of them not all of course is just fantastic. I'd live there if I could to be honest.

    I do hope they get the Icelandic metal band Sólstafir this year, as they kick ass! Their album Köld is a fucking masterpiece! It's an album everyone should buy and listen to a lot!

    My top 3 Sólstafir songs:
    Until next time, rock on!

    23 Oct 2010

    Fucking bitch

    Oh look that title is written in nice and sophisticated language.
    Well yeah that happens when you live at your mum's house and her posh bitch friend is visiting and staying the weekend, oh wait for the best part. The bitch as I'll call her from now on (posh bitch felt too long to write every time) is not just staying here for a couple of days criticizing every single thing I do or don't do, the way I dress, the way I talk, the way I eat my fucking pizza is apparently wrong, I thought that wouldn't be a problem since as I mentioned she's a posh bitch meaning she does probably not ever eat pizza and I mean give me a break, I just bought a fucking pizza surely I'm the one who decides how the fuck I'll eat it. But yeah back to the point not only is she staying over the weekend but her little spoiled brats of kids. Let me say it like this, her older kid the boy he owns a cellphone just like lot of 14/15 year olds, but well his cellphone is more expensive than my car. Oh and wait the little prick behaves like a fucking cock, not only is he annoying as fuck but he just has to get your attention constantly. Her younger one, some tiny spoiled girl, which is heading the same way in becoming a douche just like her cock of a brother, I don't mind though as she leaves me alone most of the time.

    So let's sum it up.
    Bitch = annoying posh cunt who owns 2 kids.
    Bitch's boy = annoying little brat who gets everything he wants and is constantly getting in my way just to annoy me a little more
    Bitch's girl = annoying little brat who is the least annoying of them as she stays out of my way.

    Since I play rugby I was watching a DVD with a match from the Tri-Nations Cup just to watch and learn you know, and well clearly that was wrong to watch rugby as rugby is apparently just a sport for dumb steroid monsters who do nothing but to fight all the time. Oh I'm sorry ma'm, I'll just go back to watching golf now...

    I was going out yesterday night in well my typical outfit, jeans with hole in them, a band shirt(in this case mötley crüe) and well I had a mötley hoodie on too as it wasn't too hot. The bitch who just happened to see me as I was going out, obviously made a lot of comments on me going out dressed like "this". Clearly I should be dressed in a fucking tuxedo at all times... oh wait I just forgot since I'm not a little spoiled brat, or married to someone who's rich I can't afford a tuxedo. And well even if I did I'd never buy one as I feel really bad in tuxedo's.
    Not to mention listening to metal is bad. Metal is just for alcoholics and drug users. Clearly I'll be ODing on heroin soon or drowning in my own vomit or something since I listen to metal, not that she said heroin, I doubt she knows what any drug types are called as they don't really exist in more words than just drugs in her little 'I'm a rich bitch" world.

    She even made fun of my car, I mean come on. I'm 18, I don't have a job and am going to school. How the fuck am I meant to be able to own a fancy car when I hardly earn enough money to keep my car running(just thinking of petrol then, not including repairs or shit like that as well I can't really afford repairing my car, and I know there is fair share of things that I should get repaired once I can afford and I will but that will have to wait as I rather eat than spend money on my car which I can wait with spending anyways).

    Now off to her little cunt of a boy. As I said he constantly tries to get my attention, compares all my shit to his fancy stuff which his mum and dad have given him etc. But well one thing has pissed me more off than anything about these rich cunts, and that's when the boy decided to start dissing the whole metal genre. I was listening to Amon Amarth I think it was when he told me that whatever I was listening to was shite and that metal was just for fags. Well that pissing me off, I still didn't lose my cool as I ain't fucking letting those people drag me further down by punching the living crap out of them, I just asked the fucker what he listened to then. The fucker said he listened to techno... Well sure I might not be completely neutral on music matters but if you're dissing metal you sure as fuck should consider listening to something better than techno first. And well knowing just a tiny bit about music before dissing it would be nice to.

    Now I'd write something about the little girl but thankfully she's stayed out of my way most of the time. I think she might be afraid of me for some reason. Which I'm not sure why as I don't look dangerous I think. Well I've got a black eye at the moment from a rugby training the other night. And obviously I wear jeans with hole in them and curse every now and then. Well anyways she stays out of my way therefore she is the one I like the most even if I dislike them all.
    Oh wait no, I like the bitch's husband best as he didn't even bother coming! I guess he's too fancy for us.

    Sorry bout all the bitching but I just had to get some of this out of my system. Well of course I'm gonna put a song in the end.
    I really find this appropriate to the text. Eat The Rich by Motörhead off the Rock N Roll album. Great song by a great band!

    21 Oct 2010

    Sky Sports | ScoreCentre | Football | Europa League, Group K | Napoli v Liverpool | Team Lineups

    Sky Sports | ScoreCentre | Football | Europa League, Group K | Napoli v Liverpool | Team Lineups

    I fucking hope we'll win! I'm such a failure even the team I've been supporting since I was a little kid has been failing.
    No Torres or Gerrard in the team :/
    Don't have a clue who Jonjo Shelvey is...

    Oh well let's hope Roy knows what he's doing.



    Arrgh got 1 project due tomorrow + I need to read 50 pages in some shitty book about things that happened like over 500 years ago...

    Of course I didn't wake up early enough to finish the project I was on about yesterday. I'm really thinking about just fucking that project already 2 weeks late now, no point anymore is there?

    The other one went fine however, was meant to compare the film Flags of our Fathers with the real events of Iwo Jima, I think it went ok at least. The teacher didn't say I was a complete failure at least lol

    Oh well I think I'm gonna get started reading then... but really cant be arsed to...

    This being something that's happening like during the Viking era, which is cool, but it's written in terribly old and complicated language. But ye this being from the Viking era, I guess I should listen to some proper viking metal while reading :)

    Just put this great album on, Twilight of the Thunder God, saw Amon Amarth live last year, fucking amazing they were!

    Sleeping time

    I suppose it's time for me to call it a night. Was going to finish at least the projects I had due last week but only did one of them :/
    Might try to wake up early and finish the other one though I'm quite sure that won't happen but hopefully I'll wake up early and in a good mood.
    Well I was going to be already sleeping at this time, I've been trying not to go to sleep later than 12 o'clock and well been failing a little bit on that as I'm not disciplined enough I guess. I always say to myself just another 2 minutes, and end up being awake much longer than I was going to, just like tonight for example. Meant to go to sleep almost an hour ago.

    Oh well.
    Going to fall to sleep now to the amazing sound of The Clash. I tend to like live better than studio therefor I'm putting The Clash's live album Live at the Shea Stadium on.

    For those of you who own the record, put it on, for those of you who have Spotify put it on (the name is a link to it on Spotify), those of you have borrowed it from PirateBay or something like that, listen to it and go to the store tomorrow and buy it.

    Good night folks

    20 Oct 2010


    Last 3 days or so I've been sick, what is wrong with me I don't know. Stomach ache on Monday followed by migraine yesterday and today. I feel a lot better now than earlier today or yesterday, but still I got some headache and my face is very pale or just gray, but not as gray as it has been last couple of days.

    I've spent today in bed with The Doors playing and well a little bit of The Clash too, no matter how much headache or sick I am I always keep some music on if I possibly can.
    Yesterday I went to school sick as a dog, but today I decided to fuck it. I did however do a little bit of homework earlier and plan to do a little more this evening, but we'll see what happens.

    After taking a painkiller, a shower, getting dressed and eating I decided to shoot some pool, alone of course since I do not have anyone to talk to or do things with, I only have you lot to share my life with really.

    I was thinking to myself the other night to fill my car up on gasoline with all the money I don't own as my bank card is in minus at the moment, and just drive away. Where to I don't know, just far far away from here. Hopefully to some place where I could start over, but then I realized that I most likely couldn't start over that easily. I'd love to start over somewhere elsewhere though.

    For the last couple of months I've been counting down to a Sabaton concert I'll be attending, now it's just about 5 weeks left until I'll be screaming my ass off at a concert with Sabaton, Alestorm and Steelwing.
    I've seen Sabaton twice before, though one time they only played like 2 songs but kicked ass of course, Alestorm I've seen once before too, they were awesome. Steelwing I've never seen before though, and well I got my hopes up for them as they sound fucking awesome, they sound like Iron Maiden meets Judas Priest, a killer combo if you ask me.

    My top 5 songs with each band:
    1. Ghost Division
    2. Cliffs of Gallipoli
    3. Primo Victoria
    4. Metal Machine
    5. 40:1
    1. Captain Morgan's Revenge
    2. Wolves of the Sea
    3. Keelhauled
    4. Heavy Metal Pirates
    5. Nancy the Tavern Wench

    1. Roadkill (or be killed)
    2. Headhunter
    3. The Illusion
    4. Under the Scavenging Sun
    5. Sentinel Hill
    Note that the names of the songs are links to them on YouTube, Steelwing was pretty hard to decide like which are my fave after the first 2 songs since they've only released one album so far, one awesome album.

    Well rock on dudes! Hope you enjoy these songs!


    Hi there and welcome to my blog!

    You have probably noticed it's new since there is well nothing on here yet, well nothing but this post.

    I guess I should start by introducing myself to you lot, or well as much as I feel comfortable with, as I like to be anonymous. I am nobody really, you can call me John or Frank or Eric or whatever really I do not care, as I am nobody. I'm 18 year old and have failed at just about everything I've tried to succeed at in my life so far. I'm alone but not lonely. While most 18 year olds go out and party on weekends I sit at home alone and well listen to music since I do not belong with any particular group of people. I'm too proud to sit and whine with the emo's, I'm not beautiful or popular enough to hang with the cool kids, I'm not in good enough shape to hang with the jocks. I don't even belong with nerds as I suck at school, and I do not own a decent computer to run and play the popular computer games, fuck my computer doesn't even have Word on it, lags while running really old games even.
    I guess there is one group I'd belong in, the rockers, but unfortunately the rock scene is pretty dead where I live, so basically I'm all alone. I'm a one man army doomed to fail.

    In the past 3 years I've failed 2 schools, quit 1, and have fallen behind in the one I'm trying to do finish at the moment. I've also quit 2 jobs, one because I was able to get the other job which was better payed and I thought I'd get more hours in, but well guess what I was wrong and I made the millionth wrong decision in my life. The second job I quit when I moved to another country to try to go through school.

    Most likely this blog will fail just like everything I've ever tried to do before. But if you won't give up on me, dear readers (if there are any that is) I won't give up on you. I'll do my best at keeping you entertained as well as sharing fun things that have happened to me (unfortunately there's not much of that happening). And well I suppose if you dig music you might like this blog as music is well what has kept me alive since my era of failing started like when I was 4 or something.

    I tried learning the guitar once but after a year or so with no progression at all I decided to try the bass which I've made a little progression with but am still a beginner, but I don't care I love slapping my bass, getting my anger out on it just playing some random tunes. Unfortunately I had to leave my bass behind, when I moved and can't afford a new bass guitar.

    I guess I should stop now so you wont just look at this as walls of text and give up on me before you've read the first to lines!

    And now before I go, here's a great song by The Clash, fucking awesome and well what can I say. Well enjoy

    Take care folks