3 Nov 2010

Music as torture!

So I just finished watching a really interesting documentary about how music can and has been used as torture. A Swedish documentary called Musik som gör ont, was showed on SVT2 earlier tonight, or on SVT Play right here http://svtplay.se/v/2207565/k_special/musik_som_gor_ont Unfortunately it doesn't have subtitles for when they speak Swedish but a lot of it is in English so I say watch it anyways. And for Swedes, you should definitely watch it. As I said really interesting documentary about how something as beautiful(in most cases at least) can be used as torture. I mean they were talking about some beautiful classical songs that had been used as torture, and songs like Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, which is also a killer song.
To me or you that hasn't experienced this music torture, this might sound quite silly but I'm completely sure that if someone would play any song, no matter what song it would be for 24-48 hours non-stop at a really loud volume... I'd probably stop listening to that song for a while, and even maybe just go insane. Not to mention if that song would be that meow mix they had in that show, I mean one or 2 plays of that 30 second commercial song is enough to make you sick of it.

I must say though that when some dude on TV was talking about the show, presenting it, it sure did make me laugh when he said that the music of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears was used as torture.

Oh well now I've recommended that really cool and interesting documentary I'm off to other things.

Today is my second day of this week of no school. So far I've done nothing, I plan on doing pretty much nothing if I can, well except rugby trainings and maybe at least install MS Word so I can start doing some of the school papers that are due already.
Oh yeah and I went to the doctor's today, about my headaches and shit, which I think might be depression maybe, but hey what do I know and I ain't fucking telling the doctor that I hate my school and pretty much all of my life for that matter, so I just told here I was fine and well I guess this was another useless visit where I'll get an appointment later(next Thursday) and they'll run some tests without finding shit. Which I understand as I believe without having the guts to tell my doctor so, that everything, or well at least most of the things that are wrong with me aren't physical but mental. But I don't know.

And now off to another thing Sweden Rock Festival has confirmed a couple of more bands now, so Ozzy shouldn't feel lonely on the festival lineup anymore :)
Saxon, Jason and the Schorchers, Agent Steel and Fläsket Brinner has been confirmed now. Can't say I listen much to any of those bands, and well out of those I must admit the only one I can recall ever being mentioned before is Saxon. And I must say it will be pretty cool hearing Wheels of Steel and 747 (Strangers in the night) and well I suppose I better get listening to them now before the summer comes with the festival so I know what I'm banging my head too.
Also I read that tomorrow Sweden Rock will announce 4 more artists/bands for next years festival. Something more to look forward too. Oh I can't wait till Sweden Rock Festival comes!

Until next time keep those heads banging!


  1. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  2. Thank you bud. Sorry about not posting, haven't really been feeling like posting lately. I'll try to get in a better mood and find some enjoyable stuff to write about though :)