12 Nov 2010


Awesome Friday's here with all that comes with it, the weekend!
Not as awesome, having a English test which I wasn't prepared for this morning but hey after writing through it at insane speed, with my pencil smoking I threw my books into my locker and went home! Celebrating the weekend... and then I remember I currently own nothing to spend on drinks or anything like that this weekend. Not to mention that I've got to spend my weekend at my granddads house.
I'm thinking about going to meet some of the rugby guys tonight though and see if something fun is happening even if I have to be able to get myself sober home to my granddad, and that without using a taxi since I can't afford one!

I guess I'll just sit at my granddads house most of the weekend then playing Football Manager, and refreshing my Facebook a million times while seeing nothing changing between refreshes.

On Monday morning I'll have to be at school at 8 o'clock (I usually start at 10 o'clock on Monday mornings) since some guys from Nordic Battle Group will be coming in and talking about something I guess. Not that I have any interest in joining any military, well except if my nation, Iceland that is had one. And Iceland doesn't have one, and if we did have one we'd never need it anyways. I ain't fucking joining some European nations military just to then be shipped off to Iraq or somewhere else to fight in a war that really doesn't concern me or the majority of the nations which are shipping their troops to there!

I also found out yesterday that instead of having 2 rugby trainings next week, I'll only have one and that with both mine and another club at the other clubs home field with grass inside and everything! Not to mention after like a 1 hour of training we'll have a training match as well, hopefully full teams if there are enough dudes that will show up, but if not it will be 7-a-side. Not that I care really, I just want to play!

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